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Adult Lap Swim is for our adult members (ages 18 & up). Sessions vary in length between 45-60 minutes, depending on time of day. Up to two swimmers will be allowed per lane, except during times designated as 'high risk' during which we will limit capacity to one swimmer per lane.

Our goal is to allow members equal access to lap swimming opportunities on a weekly basis, while maximizing the usage of available hours. With this in mind, we ask that our members adhere to the following weekly limits:

  • 4 Adult Lap Swim sessions per household member per week

If a last-minute reservation block is available within 1 hour of its start time, members are allowed to claim it even if they have already used another block that day or have reached their weekly limit.

We are not able to systematically prevent every way that someone could abuse the signup process. We expect each family will respect the overall intentions of these guidelines, so as to ensure all members have fair access to lap swimming, which has grown in popularity amongst our members in recent years. Please feel free to share your feedback with the pool manager or the board of directors as we will be continually reviewing the actual usage of the pool and looking for ways to improve the overall experience for all of our members.

Signup Process:

Please see below to sign-up for your swim sessions.

Cancellation Policy:

While we are not programmatically able to enforce a strict cancellation policy, we ask that our members cancel at least 24 hours in advance, whenever possible, so as to allow other members an opportunity to signup for your cancelled session(s). There is no penalty for no-shows or last minute cancellations, however they will will be tracked and followed up on if it becomes a pattern.

Cancellation Process:

The cancellation process isn't super intuitive, so we've put together this brief guide that walks you through the two different ways you can cancel a signup, should the need arise. Please click on the link below to view this guide:

Procedures to cancel pool signup in Wild Apricot.pdf

If you have any issues during the registration or cancellation process, please email hillfarmpool@gmail.com or call the pool at 608-238-0600.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Adult Lap Swim Signup Times

No events available

Phone: 608-238-0600

​​​2 N. Eau Claire Avenue  •  Madison, WI

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